Designing Web Banner Ads

Most people would say that advertising is one of the biggest money-making industries in the world. As a designer, I would absolutely agree with that. The vivid billboards and flashing web banners you see every day are what make it. I personally think that web banner ads are really 50% of the internet. They’re designed to specifically draw attention to you- the consumer. This could be done through an emotional appeal, flashing colors, bold letters, and a lot more.Designers need to have a sort of attention to audience when it comes to designing web banners.

So now I am going to tell you all about how web banner ads work exactly. First of all, a web banner advertisement is a form of advertising on the internet, provided by an external ad server. Web banner ads involve connecting an advertisement with a website’s page. The goal of web banner advertising is to bring more traffic to the website partnered with an ad server. A lot of web banner designer work for advertising company, which is where most web banner ads come from. However, there is no reason you can’t be a freelance designer and decide to partner up with a certain ad sever. In general, Web banner ads work like this: a visitor of a specific website notices the ad, clicks on the media, and is then transferred to the advertisers website.  Elements like photography, video, infographics, and illustrations are ultimately used to draw attention to ads, and traffic to websites. Money can be involved in this process. One of the main cases that money is involved is a designer getting 25% of funds from the advertiser, for example.

There are some nifty tips and ideas that might help you, when it comes to the process of designing a web banner ad, that could result in growth. One of the main things to keep in mind when designing this is to use the most often used and standard sizes. For example, a leaderboard web banner is 728×90 pixels and a half page web banner is 300×600 pixels. Maintaining balance within a web banner ad design is also very important. The main elements that should be shown on the ad include a logo, why the visitor should click your ad (what value does it have?), and a request from the visitor (something that’s telling them to “click here and get started!”). I personally live by keeping it simple. Overwhelming the visitor with a bunch of buttons and other flashy stuff can drive away that one person that can make that much of a difference. With that being said, use buttons consistently. Making sure that buttons are designed the same and placed the same throughout different types of web banners. One of the MOST important things to keep in mind when designing a web banner ad is to make sure the text is readable and not distracting. The last thing you want to do is have your design, especially an advertisement, be unreadable. This will clearly drive people away from your ad, not even knowing what it is. Simple, nondecorative fonts are always most recommended for this.

Templates are a really great way of getting inspiration and designing with an idea. They’re amazing especially because no one really has to know that your design was a combination of others’ great designs. Here are some tools and websites I highly recommend utilizing for web banner ad templates:

My personal favorite website to use for templates is Although what they offer is not free, it is completely worth it because of the high quality and high quantity of ideas for the designer. If you are looking to create a banner ad relatively fast and free, I would highly recommend the banner maker from

As previously mentioned, most web banner ad designers are working under a bigger advertising company. Freelance designers might work with random ad providers for a small project, but in terms of a stable salary job, web banner as designers usually work as a typical digital/web designer for a company. I did a web search for “web banner ad designer” in, the main job type I found in my area is a web designer or graphic designer. The average pay for these kinds of jobs is about $45,000-$65,000. I think that’s pretty okay.

I hope you’ve learned a thing or two about web banner ads. They are such simple yet such complex pieces of html that can really make a website.

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